Monday, 30 January 2012

Neopets is a business!

The corporation that currently owns NeoPets purposefully exploits its members, ideologically, under the guise of providing leisure activities, while simultaneously promoting consumerism.


Probably why some marketing drone has filled the Neopets Wikipedia page with advertising. B-:


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Tempura Fried Worms

What's this?

A penis protruding from a freshly baked scotch egg?

It's what we in the business like to call,
tempura fried worms. Oh Ok, I give up. It indeed does look like some unsuspecting fellow's old chap, jammed inside the crumbtastic casing of a scotch egg. It is with delight I welcome you to my blog. As you might have guessed it's about this strange and wonderful multiplayer pet site that goes by the name of

My blog isn't for kids so if you're a kid, either don sneak-mode or bugger off! If you have open minded parents however you'll probably have been directed here by your mum; who is currently purchasing as many
tempura fried worms as her Key Quest winnings will buy her and sending them to everyone on her neofriend's list while simultaneously posting 'LOOK AT THE SCOTCH EGG DICK I SENT YOU ON NEOPETS!' to all of her contacts on faceberk. Happy days!

As this is my introductory effort, I'll leave you to ponder the twisted minds of the artists over at Neopets HQ whilst I cook up for you an exciting selection of downright rudeness, satire and from time to time, drool-worthy investigation. Have fun kids. Just remember not to post it on the site, Uncle McFreeze is watching and no doubt so are the likes of such scoundrels as the American Family Association. Don't have nightmares!

- The
Whacked One.